La Luce is a low energy storage, direct coupled, non-suspended design by Judith
                                 Spotheim-Koreneeff, of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. It is driven by a
                                 stand-alone motor.

                                 The platter is machined from a three-inch acrylic block. Platter mass is increased
                                 by embedding stainless steel weights around the periphery. The platter’s massive,
                                 one piece bearing housing is hand matched to its chrome-hardened steel, spindle
                                 shaft. A central, asymmetric, acrylic block holds the bearing house and the SpJ
                                 dedicated arm board. An acrylic cylinder is bolted to the underside of the central
                                 block and forms a broad, T-shaped support. The La Luce platform rest on three
                                 contact points and is leveled by adjustment knobs on each side support. All major
                                 components are individually machined from billets of acrylic, stainless steel and
                                 brass. The ideal mechanical impedance match of the acrylic material and record
                                 vinyl allows stylus induced resonance to pass smoothly into the mass of the platter
                                 and platform.

                                 Platter speed is adjusted by moving the drive belt up or down dedicated 33.3 and
                                 45 RPM grooves on the stand alone, direct drive, synchronous AC motor pulley. It
                                 can be fine tuned by varying drive belt tension, even while the stylus is tracking. In
                                 addition to the on-off switch, a separate switch allows the user to reduce the AC
                                 voltage during play.

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